At Scullysong, we offer stone masonry services such as designing, fabrication and installing natural or man-made stone in residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we do restoration and conservation of existing stone-work.

We place equal attention on every project, regardless of the size and scope of. Our team, along with architects and designers will help in creating and accentuating your vision – right from the planning to final implementation. We give elevated importance to the smallest of details. If you want to discuss anything related to stone masonry, feel free to get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion.

You can rely on us to realize any work related to masonry.  Some of our services include:

– Stone walls
– Walkways and risers
– Patios
– Excavations and footings
– Jacuzzis and Pool decks
– Staircases
– Water masonry features such as fountains, ponds or mini waterfalls
– Columns and piers
– Drainage and grading
– Barbecue grills and fire pits
– Signage and mailboxes
– Edging and lights

Stone masonry can be a part of any residential and commercial space. It brings a high aesthetic value to the interiors as well as exteriors of any place. Along with a rustic touch, it can lend a contemporary impression based on the idea and interpretation of the design.

Scullysong has the skill, experience and resources to give shape to your designs, within stipulated budget and timelines.


This is one of the most popular choices for several stone masonry works. It is a sedimentary rock consisting minerals that are the size of sand grains. Its topography lends distinctive colour to sandstone, common ones including tan, red, yellow, pink, white and grey. It is quite porous and very soft to work with. They are soft, easy to carve yet they can withstand weathering, making it a favourite stone masonry material to work with.

Sandstone is aesthetically quite pleasing and is a first choice for many designers, architects and homeowners. Every piece of this stone has different looks and shadings, elevating the textured look. The beauty of this stone is heightened when it reflects lights differently in different conditions.


This is a sedimentary rock found commonly in various parts of the earth. It contains a high percentage of calcium carbonate and is formed by a build-up of coral, algae, and shell over a period of time. It has been used for construction for hundreds of years. Of late, it is being used for decorative purposes as well.

Durability works in its favour, which is why it is a common stone used for several stone masonry projects. Limestone is highly versatile and has different natural patterns that look great for stone masonry. The veined pattern (also called variegated pattern) is formed when the limestone splits across the natural bed; Flueri pattern which has a mottled appearance is created when the stone splits along with the natural bed. Limestone is not consistent when it comes to colour and sports various hues and shades.


Marble has been associated with royalty, luxury and even nobility. Its use can be dated back to 5th century BC in numerous Greek and Renaissance architecture. Colour of the marble depends upon mineral impurities present in it, which lend characteristic swirls and veins in the marble.

They are ideal for staircases, floorings, wall linings, counter-tops and even bathtubs and reception desks in luxurious hotels across the world. Marble has found its way as a premium stone in various households as well. One thing is certain – marble will significantly enhance the tone and character of any room, and it will always remain be one of the most desirable stones to work with.


Travertine is a form of limestone formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals that are found underground, in mineral springs and hot springs. A distinctive feature of this stone is the presence of holes within the stone that are result of carbon dioxide evasion. Modern architecture has travertine in a lot of buildings and famous structures. It is mainly used for flooring, cladding and facades.

This stone is available in several colours, the most popular ones being beige, ivory, dark brown, different shades of walnut, gold and silver. It is possible to combine some of these colours too. Even though it has a natural corrugated surface, travertine is available is different smooth finishes too as it can be mechanically polished to get a shiny surface. It is commonly available in different tile sizes for floor installations.