Whether it is a new installation or a restoration project, stone sealing and polishing is critical to keep the desired look and prevent them staining. Natural and man-made stones have an innate beauty and a unique look to them that should be maintained for a long time. The life of natural stone should be extended and simple precautions along with sealing and polishing helps in doing just that.

Since every stone and flooring has different properties and nature, we at Scullysong, choose and work with sealers based on the kind of stone that has to be sealed. We have a wide range of sealants that are suitable for a variety of natural stone and other man-made surfaces, catering to their specific needs. We also have advanced sealers that use fluoropolymer technology that successfully pen-etrates the stone and protects it from any oil and water based stains. In fact, fluoropolymer-based sealant is the highly recommended for all types of natural stones.

With time, even the most lustrous stone and flooring surface starts losing its shine. Exposure to dust, different climatic conditions, irregular care and unfocused attention can make the floor and countertops looks extremely dull. Some of our other services also include high pressure cleaning, stone grinding and removal of scratches. All of products are free of VOCs as we place high importance to health and safety factor as well.

Our job guarantees long lasting results and exquisite finishes. It will enhance the appearance of the room, renew the innate beauty of the natural and manmade stone and add numbers to the stone’s life along with a highly professional and high quality service.


Cleaning and sealing of all natural stones, porcelain, terracotta, slate and many more

Scullysong offers cleaning and sealing services for different stones. Natural stones, porcelain or ceramic tiles, slate, terracotta and other flooring and surfaces make a beautiful addition in both residential and commercial places. Maintaining them is critical if their beauty has to be retained for a long time. While it may be easier to take proper care of them in small areas, larger areas can prove challenging.


High Pressure Cleaning

We use pressurized water jets for this technique. Water is released at high pressure from jets, which instantly dislodge the dirt, grime and slippery substances like oil and moss in a highly effective manner. When water is not enough to clean hard surfaces, biodegradable chemicals are used for washing. The use of chemicals reduces the use of water as well. Harsh chemicals are usually not used since they can wear out the tile and damage the surface, whereas biodegradable chemicals and environment friendly chemicals hold no such threat.

We use only high-grade commercial equipment for this cleaning solution, without which is a risk of wasting a lot of cleaning product and harming the tiles as well if the pressure cannot be adjusted properly. High pressure cleaning can be used on a variety of surfaces such as brick, stone, tile, mosaic, natural stone, concrete, painted surfaces and sealed surfaces. It effectively removes pet stains, efflorescence, tree sap stains along with oil, dust and grease. We offer high pressure cleaning in any residential and commercial area.

Grinding, Polishing

With time, certain surfaces start losing their sheen due to constant everyday exposure. The surface may get rough and start looking weary. Grinding and polishing will put back the lost shine into any surface – natural stone.


Removal of scratches in Stone and Marble